Ahhhh September…..

It is that time of year again. The last long weekend of the summer has come and gone, the kids are back in school, and for the most part the happy vacationers are all back at their desks. A time of year of new beginnings. For a lot of people the beginning of September is the beginning of a new year. We have had our summer fun, the days/weeks off, and are now ready to settle down again.

For me, September was always my “New Year”. Don’t get me wrong I celebrate on Dec31/January 1 with everyone else, but September, after the long weekend, has always been my time to settle down and get back into my work whole heartedly or start something new. The days are getting cooler and shorter, which means I will be inside more and sitting at my desk more.

This summer I moved into a new house that we had built for us outside the city limits. This is the first brand new house we have owned. Our last was an older home. It was a busy summer doing landscaping and adding the finishing touches ourselves but well worth it. There is still lots to do but it is looking good. Next year we hope to put in a garden with vegetables and flowers.

I have a great new office that overlooks the backyard and the trees. What an inspirational spot. I enjoy sitting at my desk and writing. The humming birds came to my window and looked in most days. Especially if the feeder was empty. It was like they were telling me to get up and fill it now! I could see their feeder out my office window and they certainly kept me entertained all summer.

The house has a large deck on the back so when I was not in my office working my day job, I could be found on the back deck writing. I felt like I was in a dream. Sitting on the deck writing in the afternoons was almost unreal. Who has a job like that? The peace and tranquility was inspiring. The words added up and the hours flew by.

As I said above, September is my new year, and true to form I have been busy this week getting things geared up for the next couple of months. I have added to my idea book, sent out my current work to beta readers, and have spent numerous hours studying self-publishing. It is my hope to have my first work up by the end of the month.

It is also the time of year that the crafting bug bites me the hardest. My yarn and needles/hooks are calling me. I started a cozy sweater for myself – nothing fancy but it will be warm. I also made a fall wreath for my new front door. It is one that was inspired by something I seen on Pinterest. A little early maybe to hang it up but I did anyway. Next it will be the Christmas Craft bug. I have lots of ideas for new things for the new house. So much to do, so little time…..

Until next time, work hard, play hard, laugh often and make time for reading vacations for the soul.




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