What a great week.

I ‘ve had a great writing week.

This week I was crazy busy in other aspects of life besides writing but I managed to spend more time writing then I have in a long time. How did I do it? Inspiration from many different angles.

My critique partner, sent back part of my manuscript with some edits she suggested, which I made. She is a great friend and wonderful critique partner. I asked her to be brutally honest and show me where I needed some improvement. All in all the changes required were not that bad.

I had some inspiring emails with another writing friend. I was having a day where I could not bring myself to the chair to write, and after reading her emails I got inspired and wrote more than 2000 words on my next story.

Another author friend and I bounced some ideas off each other. This is always fun for me, to get to think outside the box and just throw out what comes to mind. It gets the creative juices flowing again for me as well and I felt inspired to return to my writing and got lots done.

I met an editor and writer friend for coffee one afternoon and she brought some ideas to me that I had not thought of before. I will further research them over the weekend. She also offered to edit one of my manuscripts and let me know what she thinks. She is hoping to have the edits to me over the weekend. We also talked about other writing related ideas we can see happening in the not so distant future. When I left her I was feeling inspired and ready to take on some more writing.

I spent a few hours this week reading books on writing and publishing. There truly is a lot of information out there on these subjects. As an avid reader I also finished a couple of romance books. There are some pretty amazing authors out there.

My plans for the weekend are to spend some time reading how to books and researching on the internet. Taking from what I gather that which will work for me and leaving the rest. Writing is a personal journey. What works like a charm for me may not work at all for you. I hope to get some more words down on my new work in progress, it is coming along great.  I hope to spend some time looking over the edits that I will be getting back, and  I will be participating in Word On The Street.

Until next time, work hard, play hard, laugh often and make time for reading vacations for the soul.



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  1. Deanne Ouest says:

    Great post.

    Debbie Boutilier Sent from my iPad @westboutilier



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