It’s Official!!

At a little after 7pm last night (December 29, 2014) it all became official.

That was when I received the email telling me my first volume of short stories was live on KOBO. Since then I have received emails stating it is live on both Barnes and Noble and iBooks. I even have sales already! (Friends and family do count!!)

I uploaded my file to a self-publishing distribution system on December 23rd. It was a simple process really. I don’t know why I hesitated for so long. The manuscript had been ready for quite some time. I guess it was fear that held me back. I also thought it was a really complicated process and I was not ready to deal with it. That, however was not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I made a couple of errors. One very important one is my cover. I have, what I think is a good cover, but I misread the uploading instructions and my cover does not show up. Right now there is a white cover with the name of the book on it, not the red cover with the hearts as I had planned. My cover does show up when you open the book, even in the preview, so all is not lost. That can be fixed and I will work on that over the next couple of days.

On the 23rd when I hit the send button my stomach got queasy and my hands started sweating. It was official I was going to have a book published! I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. I went for a walk, I sent text messages to my family and fellow author friend, I walked around the house in a daze.

I’d heard that most manuscripts don’t make it through the process the first time. Quite often when the platforms received the files they did not mesh with their systems the first go and changes had to be made. I kept checking for the message telling me I had to make changes. It never came, my manuscript made it through the first try. The fates smiled at me.

I’d heard the platforms where I chose to have my book for sale may be closed over the Christmas holidays so as much as I hoped my book would be up before the New Year I did not expect it to be. Imagine my shock when last evening I opened my email and there was a message telling me my book was live!

It was fate really. My best friend and fellow author was with me when I read the message. There was some hand pumping and happy dancing going on. Unfortunately, we could not open a bottle of wine to celebrate as she had to drive. We will save that for another time when we celebrate together. Her first book has been uploaded and we are waiting for it to go live.

2014 had some ups and downs for me but with it ending on a good note I have a great feeling about 2015.

I know I had high hopes of publishing earlier in the fall, I even blogged that I would be. That truly was my intention, however sometimes things don’t happen as we wish and are delayed for a reason. I have to think the fall may not have been my time. I apologize for not meeting the timeline I set for myself and announced here. You see, there are all kinds of things one must learn when you are new at something and I set goals that I was not able to achieve. However, I have learned some great lessons and am a better person for it overall.

I will post the links to the platforms where the book is available on my New Release page.

My wish is for all of you to have the most amazing 2015 possible.

Happy New Year!

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