Facebook Small Business Boost

For most of you Facebook is probably second nature. For me however, not so much. It has only been recently that I have actually started using my personal page. Liking, sharing, posting.

I have had a page for quite a few years. I originally signed up because my daughter wanted to share some pictures. I was one of those people who went on and looked at my newsfeed but did not do anything else.

Then I started pursuing a writing career in earnest. Every where I went I heard “you have to use social media to keep in touch”. I started slowly, liking things others posted. After a long time of doing that I started sharing some things. Eventually, although not long ago, I started posting things. The worst is I was never sure what was happening behind the scenes after I did all that. Sometimes I would see in my newsfeed that I liked something or shared something but I really didn’t understand how the whole thing worked. Who actually got to see it? I knew it was going somewhere because I was getting notifications that others liked my post or my share but I had no idea how far things reached.

I was finally getting a little more comfortable using Facebook and then I ‘d heard these crazy rumours that Facebook was now going to charge people for “advertising”. I know it angered some of my acquaintances, some so much they were going to try other social media sites.  But I was not sure what to do.

Like all rumours by the time I heard this one it was really convoluted. I was told that I was going to get charged for saying I had a book available to purchase and if others shared my post they were going to be charged as well. Now being a logical person I was positive that would not be the case but there was that little voice in my head that kept telling me it was so. I was still a bit leery but if I got something in my newsfeed I was still sharing it. You know, support other small businesses, but I was still waiting for the shoe to fall so to speak and a bill arrive in my email or something.

A week ago I saw an ad in my Facebook feed that said Facebook Inc. was coming to my town to do an information session called Facebook Small Business Boost. I signed up. What better place to have the rumour put to rest and to learn what all the hype was about.

The session was today and I have to say I am really glad I went. I learned so much about Facebook in one and a half hours it was crazy. Oh, yeah that rumour I spoke of above, not true. Yes I can pay to boost my post but just posting about it on my page or others sharing my post, nope no chance of being charged for that.

The presentation was really informative and the speaker was truly engaging. There was also a panel  answering questions and telling us how Facebook helped them get the word out about their businesses and the success they have had using it.

I took a lot of notes and I left there with really good handouts and a lot of confidence. I also learned where to find tools to help me with my page. Already this afternoon and this evening I have done more on my personal page than I ever have. In the next few days I will tackle my business page, making some changes and finding out how I want to proceed with it.

I was so impressed I passed on things I had learned to friends who have small businesses this afternoon and I will pass all the information on to my writing group at the next meeting. I am really glad I attended.

Only proves “You can teach an old dog new tricks!”

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  1. Deanne Ouest says:

    Like it!

    Deanne Ouest from my iPad | @gmail #deanneouest



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