New year. New goals. New Inspiration and Motivation.

The business plan is written, the goals are set, a few weeks into the new year and things are going well.

Then, out of the blue, we receive information that will change the way we think about our future. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. It made me think about what I really want out of the rest of my life.

The funny thing was, once I received the information that was life changing I also noticed I was seeing things that were opportunities.

A Facebook post that made me think, an email from a friend with a link in it to information that was useful. Learning opportunities I was looking for but never dreamed I would see locally were going on in the city. Even acquaintances sending invitations to work together on a project. None of the people who posted or sent these had any idea what was going on in my life. It was like the stars were aligning to move me forward. They say when one door closes another one opens…

I took all this as a sign that it was time to move forward and redesign the way my life was going. It was time to get more serious about the things I really wanted to do. I had a heart to heart talk with myself and made some decisions based on what is really important to me. Those opportunities that I mentioned above came into play and I’ve already acted on some of them. I had another look at my business plan and made some changes, incorporating all the new information.

My motivation is now doubled. I am working towards things that really matter to me. There seems to be a weight lifted off my shoulders and I can see the forest for the trees and life is looking much better. Sometimes those things that seem scary at first turn out to be good for you.

Here’s to interesting times ahead!

About Linda O'Toole

Women's Fiction Author
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