Spring is in the air

Spring has finally arrived here on the east coast. At the beginning of April, I was positive the snowbanks in my yard would still be there when the calendar turned to June, at one point they were 7 feet high where we had shoveled and threw the snow up. Thank goodness they have all disappeared, mind you the last of the snow just left our yard last weekend.

I moved from an urban location to a more rural location before the winter and although we had a 4 wheeler with a plow and quite a large size snow blower, we were not expecting the amount of snow we received and had to move around our now 3 times as large piece of land. We spent lots of hours outside trying to move it around and clean it up.

We decided to have a large deck built on the back of the house. I was going to spend many hours out there writing and entertaining our friends and family. After a lot of discussion we decided on a 40 foot long deck that reaches out 12 feet from the house. It is the most wonderful place in the world during the sunny days and warm evenings. I bought a number of different chairs, a conversation set with a love seat and tables, and a large table at which we could eat our dinners. I would have no excuse to spend time out there writing. It was wonderful all fall and I spent many happy hours out there.

December and January were not that cold and I could still go out on the deck and get fresh air during the day to rejuvenate. Then February hit and we were pounded week after week with snow. One storm left 36 inches on our back deck in less than a day. The snow continued right up until mid April. And that wonderful deck? I was contemplating taking the chain saw to it by the end of February. I don’t think I have shoveled that much snow in my life, let alone one season.

A fellow author and good friend of mine booked us a writing trip to Cuba in April. A get away from the snow and new scenery to inspire us to write. We went to a place we have both been to many times before. The food was good, the staff were amazing as they always are, and we spoke with many friendly tourists from around the world.

The weather cooperated and we had 8 days of sunshine. As a matter of fact, temperature records were broke 5 of the 8 days we were there. Temperature ranged from 36 to 40 degrees each day and didn’t get below thirtyish at night. No need for wraps or sweaters.

We swam some, sunned some, wrote some, and of course we refreshed ourselves with wonderful slushy drinks of different flavours. The Spanish coffee was also amazing. It was a well needed week away for me and one that I will be forever grateful to my good friend for talking me into going.

As I mentioned in my opening line, spring has finally arrived. The tree leaves are starting to open and the garden centers are open and getting more and more stock everyday. Even with all the snow our grass made it through the winter for the most part. There are a few spots we will have to reseed but all in all the backyard is green. Life is good.

I am looking forward to many hours on the deck over the next few months writing away in the afternoons. Last Sunday was exceptionally warm here and I spent some time out there and it was wonderful. Even though my desk is right in front of a window and I can see the trees and birds, etc. it is not the same as being in the fresh air listening to the sounds and smelling the smells. I find I am much more productive when I am writing outside. Unfortunately it is a little cool and damp out there today so I am in my office, but things are looking up for the weekend…

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