Seeing is Believing

The last week I felt I had not accomplished very much. Here is what I did.

Monday the 5th was a great day. Finally after 2 years I was able to cross something off my business plan.

Tuesday and Wednesday were not very productive word count wise but I straightened up my files and had a look to see what I would do for my next project(s).

Thursday I went to my writers meeting and came home inspired but I decided to work on a secondary project and not my priority.

Friday was mostly a write off. I took the day just to relax and read. Although most of the reading was for fun, I did read a small book on writing.

Saturday I met with my coach and after a little pep talk I came home inspired. We set some plans in action for the future. I was inspired again and wrote another piece for another project I wanted to do.

Sunday we had our Thanksgiving Day meal and I visited with my sister-in-law for a couple of hours. It was great to have a chat.

Monday I wrote another short story. One I will use sometime in the future.

Today – I work weekday mornings for an employer, but this afternoon I am writing this blog post and then I will write more on my stories.

I am not writing this blog to complain.

When I read the list of things I’d done last week I realized I’d accomplished quite a bit. 2 stories, a couple of meetings, and organized my files. Those are all great accomplishments in their own right.

Take a few moments to write down what you have done the last week and it will inspire you. Even when you believe you had a bad week you will be surprised to see just what you did accomplish.

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Women's Fiction Author
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