Writing Retreats – not just for writing

Every year in October one of the writer’s groups I belong to holds a writer’s retreat. This was my third year joining them and every year it gets better and better.

Attendance at this event is growing and this year we numbered 14 so we rented 2 cottages near the ocean on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. The bigger of the two was where the main activities took place. It’s a fun weekend where the days are broken into serious writing time, fun and writing related group activities, and alone time for those that need to compress after spending a few hours in the group environment. A lot of words are written in the 2 ½ days and the inspiration lasts for a long time after the event. We share cooking and cleaning duties and the meals are always yummy. This year was no exception.

The group consists of best-selling authors, those just starting out, and all levels in between. We come together to learn from each other, get inspiration, and help each other brainstorm ideas for current or future works. We also come together to celebrate another year of accomplishments.

Every year I find it amazing how the group is so generous to each other. In most “business” worlds, other people who are doing the same thing as you would never offer the kind of help I see offered from authors to each other. Everyone in this group is willing to listen to what you have to say and help you with any writing related problem you may have.

Instead of trying to hit a word count on this weekend I choose use it to learn from those in attendance, organize my writing life and gather all the inspiration I can for the coming months. This year did not disappoint. I learned a ton of stuff and came home fired up to do a lot of great things. I had a great weekend and I am already looking forward to next year.

Besides the wealth of knowledge and experience in the group, the scenery at the cottage is very inspirational. The picture below shows the view from the deck of the main cottage. The leaves on the trees were showing off their full autumn colors this weekend and the air was crisp and clean. Unfortunately, you can’t see the leaf colors in this picture because it was taken in the very early morning with the sun just starting to come up. If you look closely you can see a skim of ice on the water.

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