This weekend is Halloween. When I lived in the city, by this date, my dining room would be filled with boxes of chips in preparation for the 350 or so ghosts and goblins that would come to my door on October 31. The little ones would start appearing around 5:00 pm and we would see our last older kids around 10 pm.

Last year we moved. We now live outside the city where there is quite a bit of a walk between houses. As a matter of fact most kids are driven along their route. Even with the parents driving the kids from house to house along the main road, the driveways are quite a walk in before making it to the door.

I asked my neighbours how many kids to expect last year so I could prepare. There is a little subdivision very close to me and it was someone from there I asked. She said they got 30 plus kids. I prepared enough for at least 50 just in case. By 10 pm 6 kids had knocked on my door.

It’s funny how old habits die hard. I still had a moment of panic this year when I went shopping for treats. Should I only buy enough for a few or should I buy for more? Did they not stop last year because the house was new and they didn’t realize we were there? Only time will tell. I am prepared for more than 6 kids just in case.

Here’s to a fun filled weekend for the kids with lots of good treats in their bags.

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