Where did the year go?

December is here already. Seems like only yesterday we were looking at July on the calendar.
I got a big rush of Christmas spirit last week and I put my tree up early. As you may have guessed I put up an artificial tree. I never wanted an artificial tree but a few years ago I was talked into using one.

We bought a higher end tree, brought it home, set it up and decorated it. It was a beautiful pre-lit green tree that looked real and it looked amazing in our living room for about 3 days, then the lights started going out. We took pictures of the tree showing the status of the lights for a couple of days and took them back to the store to show what was happening. Of course, the store rules were no returns of Christmas items after Christmas. We said we would go home and strip the tree and bring it back – of course it was Christmas eve. The manager must have overheard us and came over. He told us to keep the tree until the new year and return it then. They didn’t have another one left in the store to substitute.

By Christmas day the only lights that were still lit on the tree were right at the top. It was a pretty funny sight. They seemed to go out in stripes around the tree. Needless to say we took the tree down on New Years Day and took it back to the store on January 2.

My take on this experience was that we were not supposed to have a fake tree and that was fate’s way of telling us so. Of course, I was out numbered, and now that fake trees had been allowed into the house they were here to stay.

Mama has her ways of making her point though. I was out shopping after Christmas and bought a white Christmas tree just to annoy everyone. The following year I decorated the white tree in purple and black. It was my way of protesting against the fake tree. The joke was on me when the color scheme was gorgeous and everyone commented on it!

Since then I have amassed a number of color schemes for decorating the tree. One year I used pastel blues, pinks, purples, etc. One year it was red and green. Last year it was red and gold, and this year I have added to my tree collection with a silver tree. The tree and house are decorated in silver, white and royal blue. Who knows what next year might bring?

I’ve decided to let my creative side run free and have fun. It’s fun to make other decorating items to go with the tree color scheme. The 5 planters on my deck and at the end of my driveway got the silver, white blue treatment to match as did the wreath on the door.

I made a large white mesh wreath, art work on canvas, and on a mirror to match the color scheme for my living room. I love making things so each year I add to my collections even if I used the color scheme before there is always room for more items!

There are so many great ideas out there and I want to make them all.

Last year’s tree

This years tree
IMG_0223 (2)

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