2016 Spring Get Away

For the last few years I have travelled to Cuba for a girl’s week away. Typically we go to Holguin, but this year we chose to visit Varadero for the second time.

It was a wonderful week of warm sunny days, good company, plenty of decent food and good coffee.

Since it was not our first time in Varadero, we chose not to do the tours that were offered but we did get out and walk the main street for a couple of kilometers visiting the shops along the way. We bought an all day pass for the double decker bus one day and rode it up to the largest market, and also got on and off a couple of times at other attractions.

I bought an amazing original painting at the market. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. Unfortunately it got a little damaged on the way home. I’m sure I can have it repaired but I think I will just hang it on my wall the way it is for now.

The whole idea of the trip was to get away and relax, decompress. We loaded multiple books on our e-readers, enough to get us through the week. Mine were mostly novels, but I did take a couple of books on writing.

Not having internet was a little unsettling at first. We are all so conditioned to constantly check our emails and social media but by the third day even that wore off and we were content to sit in the bar or at the pool and read.

I packed my laptop, just in case I felt like writing. I didn’t get a lot of words down but I did open the computer a couple of days and work on my WIP. (Evidence is in the picture below –Of course that is just plain coffee in the glasses. Wink, wink.)

I think this year would have been a good year for a 2 week vacation instead of just one week. I’m usually ready to head home by day 7 but this year I was just at the point where I was finally relaxed when it was time to pack up to leave. The bar in our building (picture below) was and would have been the perfect spot to work. Most of the day no one was there. Off to one side is an open area with coaches and chairs. It would have made the perfect place to curl up with the laptop and get a lot of writing done.

Oh well, maybe next year…




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