Spring is in the air…

Well, in truth, spring is on the calendar but Mother Nature decided we needed to be reminded of winter one more time. Yesterday a N’or Easter came up the Atlantic coast.

Fortunately, where I live, the effects were minimal. A little bit of snow, followed by ice pellets, rain, and then a change over in the evening to hail and cold temperatures. No accumulation to really speak of from either of the types of precipitation during the day. Just a messy mix.

The roads this morning have some slippery patches. Ice formed in spots with the lower temperatures over night making for an interesting drive on the roads. The good news is sun is shining brightly, but the bad news is the temperature has not climbed very much and is not expected to. We will not reach temperatures above freezing today.

All of that aside I am very much looking forward to spring. A time of renewal for most of nature. I always feel I can work miracles once spring arrives. I get rejuvenated. I look forward to the warm days on the back deck with my computer and my coffee. The sun beating down giving me warmth and energy to type like the wind and the sounds of nature encouraging my creativity.

A big sigh. I guess it will be another couple of weeks before I can work outside.


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Women's Fiction Author
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