One Step Closer

The Easter Long Weekend is over for another year. Although we tried really hard to eat all of the chocolate, there is still some on the living room table where the Easter Bunny left it on Sunday morning.

Yesterday we had our family Easter dinner at my house. It was a traditional glazed ham with all the vegetables. Of course, a holiday dinner would not be complete without homemade pie. The jury is out on which is the ultimate favorite so I usually make the two that tie for first place. This holiday dinner was no exception. Both Apple and Cherry pie were ready and still warm for serving at dessert time.

I was out shopping with my daughter yesterday morning and I finally allowed myself to admit that I had become a little rounder over the winter. I decided with spring in the air it was time to invest in a new pair of sneakers. I bought a nice new bright pink and black pair. It’s time to get out and start enjoying the spring weather and maybe whittle that roundness down a bit.

The sneakers are still sitting on the bench in my bedroom, right where I dropped them when I took them out of the bag yesterday. Of course I had an excuse for yesterday – I had to make the pies and cook the ham. Today I have an appointment at 1 pm. Tomorrow I have to go to the city. But, Thursday is looking good…

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