Learning New Words

For the last number of Christmas’ my daughter has bought me a desk calendar. It’s something I look forward to receiving every year. The theme each year is something different. Last year it was quotes, a few years ago it was types of dogs, you get the picture.

This year when I opened my gift there wasn’t a calendar hiding in the package. The gift I received was wonderful, but when January rolled around I missed the daily amusement I got from the calendars.

One day in February when she picked me up she had the calendar waiting on the passenger’s seat of her vehicle for me. She’d bought it early and put it away for Christmas and then couldn’t find it when she’d wrapped my gift. She’d since found it when she was looking for something else so she brought it over.

We were going to be driving in the car for a while so I opened the calendar to have a look.
This year the theme is “Learn a New Word a Day”. The calendar, and in particular my awful attempt at pronouncing some of the words, gave us lots of giggles for our entire drive.

Here are 3 of the new words I’ve learned so far this year. The calendar gives the pronunciation, definition and sentences as they appear below. I no longer have the front page of calendar or the box it came in, but the back of the plastic holder says it is PAPP International – publishing and printed products.

Quiddity (Noun) /kwi-dih-tee/
1. An eccentricity: an odd feature
2. the essence, nature or distinctive peculiarity of a thing
Like it or not, Will had to put up with my friend Anna’s quiddities for the whole week.

Logorrhea (Noun) /log-gah-ree-ah/
Excessive use or flow of words
The professor was given to muttering and much logorrhea during her lectures.

Flibbertigibbet (Noun) /flib – ber-tee-jib-ett/
a silly, nonsensical person
Tom came to the party dressed as Groucho Marx and did his best to act the complete flibbertigibbet.

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