What Helps Me Be Creative?

What helps me be creative? What a great question!!

Let’s see… What day is this? That’s the way my creativity works. Every day it is something different that helps me be creative. I can honestly say that in the last 7 days I have used each and everyone one of the below ways, sometimes in the same day!

Some days it is the radio, if I turn it on. Other days the radio grates on me and I have to turn it off to work.

Some days it’s something I saw on Social Media. Could be completely unrelated to my project but it triggers a jump off thought or it could be the exact instructions I have been hunting for forever.

Other days it’s knowing I want to, or need to, come up with something (an outfit for a theme party, or a twist in my plot). I start thinking about it and try and come up with a picture of it in my minds eye and then set about making it come to life.

Then there are those days that nothing above works and I need to cruise the internet or other reference material to find ideas or hints as to how to make it all come together and work.

Although I use the above ways to help me with ideas, I don’t think I’ve had a day in a very long time that I have not done something creative. I have many hobbies that keep my creative juices flowing, and I can jump from one to the other when I hit a snag or a block. I keep enough different things on the go that when I am at a stand still with one I can move on to the other. I also follow this rule in my writing. I always have a few stories on the go at the same time and I can jump from one to the other.

I used to do a lot of work with teams and understanding differing personalities. As I read over the above answer it is typical of someone with my personality profile. An answer full of possibilities, not an answer that has one hard and fast definition of the way it is always done.

Keep being creative.

About Linda O'Toole

Women's Fiction Author
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