Romancing the Capital

From May 5-8, 2016 I attended Romancing the Capital. An amazing conference for Authors and Readers which took place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Attendees came from far and wide, not just Canada. This was the second year for the conference and it sold out early. I only managed to get a ticket because someone was unable to attend and I bought theirs.

It was a fun filled two and a half days of information sessions and meeting readers and authors. The sessions were not only informative but presented in a fun-filled manner. The authors who sponsored the event and put on the sessions were very accommodating of their reading and writing fans. Lots of amazing friendships were started and I’m sure Facebook nearly blew up with all the friend requests that were sent out.

Although the day time hours were filled with good times, both Friday and Saturday evenings started with amazing dinners sponsored by the attending authors. The food was out of this world – hats off to the staff at the Holiday Inn Express in Kanata for a job well done.

Friday evening was cowboy night and Saturday was 80’s night. Attendees had the option of dressing up for the dinner and dance. I dressed up for both events. My Friday costume was rather low key with a plaid shirt, jeans, cowboy hat, and boots. Oh, and the amazing Ace of Spades belt buckle I was able to find to complete the outfit. Saturday night I dressed as an 80’s rock star. I’m sure you’ll be able to guess who by the hair and jewellery in the picture below, but just in case let’s just say I ended the night dancing to Cindi Lauper – She Bop.

I came home with lots of great memories, new friends, some really good pointers for authors, and a suitcase full of prizes and handouts. I even learned a few party games for wedding showers and bachelorette parties…

My hat is off to the organizers. Eve Langlais and the crew of amazing authors, friends and family that made the weekend one of the best events I’ve attended. Here’s hoping there is a 2017 Romancing the Capital event!



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