Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

A long time ago I had an item that I used in learning sessions on career counselling. On the cover is said “Meet the Person Who is Responsible for Your Career” and when you opened it up there you were in the mirror’s reflection.

I totally agree, the only one that could be responsible for my career is me. If things are not moving forward fast enough, or I am not getting enough done daily, it is up to me to make it happen.

Yes, it’s tough to do. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I find it is usually my thoughts that derail me. I have to learn to pick myself up and get back on track.

I try to look at my plan monthly, last weekend I did just that. At first I was panicked because it looked like 6 weeks had flown by and I hadn’t accomplished anything. On a second glance I realized I have done quite a bit of writing. It may have been scattered over a bunch of projects I want to accomplish but it’s all words, and I can use everything I wrote later. Previously I would have let the panic take over and it would have stalled me further.

I went through my scheduler and repositioned things I want to accomplish between now and the fall. When I was finished I sat back in my chair and took a big cleansing breath. No need to panic, there is still time to finish all I set out to do. Life is looking good again.

At the conference last week there was a mirror compact in the goody bag. I got it out and fixed it to the lamp on my desk as a visual reminder that I am the one responsible and accountable for my career. A small daily reminder of what I need to do.

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