“Girly Gazebo”

There has been a lot of talk on-line lately about ‘She Sheds’. Women taking over garden sheds in their back yards and decorating them to make a place for themselves to get away.

I live in a rural community with lots of space in my back yard and I thought this would be an amazing thing to have. I looked on-line and found many samples, book-marking a few to show my husband for reference.

We talked it over and decided instead he would build me a ‘she loft’ up over our garage. I would have the best of both worlds. Winter, in this part of the world, can get really cold and our garage would be heated anyway, so why not move to the upstairs and have a year round place to call my own. We’d discussed that if he built a she shed it would not be warm enough to use in the winter months. It would have been rather complicated to heat a shed way at the back of our yard. So I agreed.

Over the last few weeks he has been working away at getting the walls up. This past weekend the electricians were here to put in the electricity. It’s going great. I’ll post pictures in a few months once I move in.

Not one to have patience I wanted something now. A place where I could be outside and enjoy the fresh air, but be sheltered from the sun. Not only did I need shelter from the sun, but in my area the bugs can be really pesky. A flyer came in the mail and low and behold there were garden gazebos on sale. Off we went to the hardware store and came home with a gazebo to be set up on our large back deck.

I moved the deck furniture around a few times and finally decided I would put the love seat and two arm chairs in the gazebo. They are the most comfortable things in the world to sit on. They even rock back and forth – great for when you need to sit and rock and contemplate your next plot point.

I only have the bug screens up right now, but I will be getting the weather curtains soon. That way I will be able to spend the rainy days out here as well as the sunny days.

It’s not that I don’t have a beautiful office in my house, I do, and I do love to write there. Sometimes it’s good to go to a different location to write. A change of scenery can give me a different prospective on things and up my creativity. I am very fortunate that I now have two locations to work from, soon to be three, and I won’t have to go off my property to get to any of them.

Here I am sitting in my Girly Gazebo last weekend.


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