Summer Solstice

According the experts, Monday night at 7:34pm AST it officially became summer in my neck of the woods.

The spring has been cold and wet, and lots of people were wondering if we would ever have warm days and evenings. The past weekend showed it was truly possible. We had two wonderful days of sunshine and warm temperatures. Monday was just as grand. Tuesday however, was cloudy and cool with a mid afternoon torrential downpour for about 10 minutes. There were reports of thunder and lightening in other parts of the province, but fortunately we didn’t experience those at my house. Last evening the fog rolled in and it was cool and damp. Today we have blue skies with a few wispy clouds and the temperature is again seasonal. An amazing day.

I spent most of the weekend sitting in the Girly Gazebo with my reader and my laptop. It was so nice to sit in the fresh air with just enough direct sunshine to replenish my Vitamin D. It was heaven.

The finches, hummingbirds, and I shared the deck. They came and went from their feeders and entertained me with their antics. The male hummingbird is quite social. He will come to the feeder and get a drink, and then he will zip past the side of the gazebo where I am sitting. Back and forth a couple of times he’ll fly, until he’s sure I’m paying attention. Sometimes, he’ll just hover in place right beside me, then he’ll return to the feeder for another drink before flitting away. I think he wants to make sure I remember to fill his feeder. It still has lots in it, but I think he is taking lessons from the cat. If you can see any space not filled in the feeding container it is time to put some food in it!

The other good thing about the sunshine is it always lifts people’s spirits, and 3 days in a row was just the thing to make people smile and be cordial. Monday I had some running around to do and it was great to see people smiling. There didn’t seem to be the hurried, angry feel in the air. People were speaking in the aisles, slowing to let you in during a traffic merge and not in a panic to get the closest parking space.

Ah summer, hope you are here to stay.

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Women's Fiction Author
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