Celebratory Weekend

And what a weekend it was!

We kicked the weekend off on Friday, July 1st Canada Day, Canada’s 149th birthday. Lots of Friends and Family time with BBQ’s at the campgrounds and at lots of local celebrations. It is strawberry season here; the strawberries are at their ultimate for picking, and eating. No celebration meal would be complete without fresh strawberries, and this year they were extra special because they were hand-picked by my daughter and grandchildren. Yum!

Saturday and Sunday were filled with lots more fun things to do. Celebrations abound. The local community farmer’s markets, big celebrations in the community and on the waterfront in the city, sitting on a boat in the water. Lots of Food and good friends and family. Who could ask for more?

Rounding out the long weekend was July 4th Independence Day. A celebration of grand proportions for our American neighbours. It also has significance for me personally. 36 years ago my husband and I married on that day. We joke that the American’s celebrate our anniversary with us every year, and what a party they throw!

Unofficially it is the first weekend of summer with the students finishing school the end of June. Everyone was in a great mood, and for the most part the weather cooperated – a few showers on Saturday didn’t dampen the fun, actually it enhanced the fun for the kids. Who could resist splashing in the puddles or swimming in the rain?

Here’s to more great summer weekends!

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