Summer long weekend

The past weekend, here on Canada’s east coast, we celebrated with our second, long weekend of the summer. Depending on where you live it was a city natal day, a local community celebration day or a provincial holiday.

The weather was perfect. Hot humid days perfect for a dip in the ocean or the lake. Our ocean water typically stays cold even in the height of summer, but this year with the run of hot weather we’ve been having it has reached a bearable temperature for taking a dip. The beaches were crowded with sunbathers and ocean sport enthusiasts.

Our local community put on an amazing fireworks display on Sunday night. The community gathered on the waterfront to enjoy some fun time together and to watch the sky light up in bright colors.

There were lots of other exciting events to take in over the weekend too. Provincial exhibitions with carnival rides and games. A Ceilidh with local musicians. The schooner races which continue all this week. My grandson’s 3rd birthday. The list goes on…

I hope your summer has been filled with exciting things to do so far. There is still a month left, let’s get out there and make some more memories.

About Linda O'Toole

Women's Fiction Author
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