Muse in fur

When I sat down to write this week’s blog my mind went blank. Sitting at the desk I tried to get my mind to come up with something, some idea. Nothing.

Finally I cursed under my breath and out loud I said, “What should I write about this week?” Along came Coed with the answer. (See picture below)

He walked in like he owned the office, tail raised high, chin up, king of the world. He took a leap and landed on the desk. He regally strutted across, closing the gap between us. Once I acknowledged his presence he sat to the side of the laptop and stared me in the face, eyes half closed slits, motor running. I laid my hand on his head, rubbed down his back and he settled down in front of the laptop. Here was my answer. Coed thought he should be featured in this week’s blog. So here goes.

You haven’t lived until you’ve been owned by a cat. It’s true, ask any cat owner. Cats own you not the other way around. Here are some of my examples.

No need for an alarm clock. The cat bowl will be half empty and to the cat that means he is starving so he will wake you at 6am, 7 days a week.

No need for slippers, the added insulation of the long fur rolling along the floor will keep your bare feet warm, even in winter. I swear the more I vacuum the more he sheds. You will also take the cat with you wherever you go. There is no amount of lint-brushing or sticky tape that will completely eradicate the cat hair on your clothes.

But the best thing about being owned by a cat is the unconditional love. His purr is just at the right frequency to heal everything.

He knows when it’s time to stop and take a time out. He will jump up on the desk and lay in front of the laptop so I have no choice but to pat him for a few minutes. There is no moving him during this time, he just comes back and if I put him out of the office and close the door he starts howling. He only wants a few minutes and then he is content to lay behind the laptop or go off to find another comfortable place to sleep.

You know, he’s usually right. A few minutes to relax, the feel of his soft fur and the rumble of his purr is the best thing to get the creative juices flowing full speed ahead.


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