A great place for inspiration

I’d spent many summers on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and three summers ago I moved here.

I was looking to live a simpler life. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I have to say it was the right choice.

Below is my view as I write this post. (And yes rumour has it, that big yacht in the picture belongs to a celebrity – a common site here because they are always filming one movie or another.) How can you not be inspired with a view like that?

Nature’s music is playing in the background. The gulls are calling, the waves are brushing against the shore, and I can hear happy voices drifting to me on the breeze. Adults and children as they board their boats for a fun day on the water with family and friends. A group of kayakers on a kayaking tour of the area just paddled by, their tour operator commenting on the surrounding building and local landmarks. I knew a lot about the area where I was sitting, but I learned something new when the group stopped in front of where I was sitting.

Above me two bi-plans are flying. Each have pontoons so they can land on the water. I’m not sure if they are looking for a place to land or if they are just out for a tour. They kept going and I lost sight so I may never know.

The words ‘I wonder…’ have started swirling around in my head. Lots of ideas for stories can be gathered from sitting here for a short time.

Although I am sitting alone at this picnic table, I’ve had three people stop to chat. They may not know me, but they stopped to say hi and comment on the weather just the same. The sense of community that comes with living in a smaller place is incredible.

Life may be simpler here but it is far from boring. In small communities there are always lots of celebrations. This year I attended lots, and volunteered at a few. A great way to meet more of your neighbours and learn about your community.


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Women's Fiction Author
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