Start of a New Year

Well I hate to admit it, but as I sit here in my Girly Gazebo this morning there is a hint of fall in the air. I know the air will warm as the sun wakes and begins to throw its warm rays at my back deck. It is not giving up yet and neither am I. There are still a lot more days I can enjoy working outside.

I find it hard to believe we are at the end of August. Where did the months of June, July, and August go? It seems like only last week the kids were still in school, but the calendar reminds me they will be starting a new school year next week here in my area.

Speaking of the calendar, this is the time of year I always start my new year planning. It is a left over habit from the years of attending school and then being an adult educator. I find plans made in September last longer, and are more meaningful than those made for January 1. January 1st hype comes with the underlying expectation that most of the resolutions made will fail. September 1st doesn’t have that stigma. So why use a date where you are not given 100% chance of success?

Here’s to a good year!

About Linda O'Toole

Women's Fiction Author
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