Busy Month

What an exciting, crazy and busy month it has been I can’t believe we are on the last full week of the month.

I started the month with my monthly writers meeting on the second. Then every second Thursday evening I met with a local group of authors as well.

My dad turned 84 on the third, so it was cake and celebration dinner.

I had to order a second round of print books because I discovered an error in my file. I fixed the file, reloaded to Createspace and put in the reorder. They arrived on October 6th, a full two weeks faster than I was first told. I’ve been selling them and putting them in promotional baskets and they will be in local stores for sale soon.

I sent and received back from my editor, my second-round edits for my next novella. It is due out in November. A few more tweaks and it will be ready to format. I am getting the last of the information ready for the cover artist in the next few days.

I attended a Girls Night Out in my local community. It is a fund raiser for the local business association. They sponsor lots of community events. This event also does a Women Helping Women segment. The attendees are asked to bring a donation a woman could use, which is then donated to the local foodbank. Most people, when asked to donate to the food bank, think of can goods which is wonderful, but other necessities are not always on their radar. This event helps our foodbank with those items. What an amazing number of products were collected at the door. We also raised lots of dollars on our ticket sales and silent auction items. The local businesses in the area are very supportive of their community and we had nearly 100 items to bid on.

I’ve also been working on Marketing ideas with other authors. This day and age, regardless of how your books are published, an author’s life is not just writing their best story. We are expected to contribute to, or be, the guiding force in the promotion of our books. I have a few ideas to follow up on. Stay tuned.

Between edits I have been working along at the next novella that will have a Valentines theme and will be out by February 1st, just in time for the holiday. I’ve managed to get quite a few words down in the manuscript and I have booked the editing dates. Yikes!

It’s that time of year again, the new yearly planners are out. This past weekend I bought mine and I have been filling in the dates of things I know are coming up. Lots of good stuff happening next year too.

Phew!! Busy but fun.

Here is a picture of the romance basket I donated to the Girls Night Out.


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