Fun Celebrations Days This Week

I have a fun and wacky holiday calendar on my desk. Most days I look at it and chuckle at the wacky holidays they put on there. It does its job – makes me laugh.

This week there are three that I think go very well together.

November 1 – Today – Author’s Day. I am going to use this to my advantage. A holiday just for those of us who like to write. I’ll take it. It may be the only day I have off in a long time.

This brings me to the second celebration day – November 3 – Men Make Dinner Day. This pairs perfectly with the November 1 holiday. If I take the 1st off I will have to work harder/longer the rest of the week. So on the third, what would be better than being able work right through and not worry about making dinner? Double bonus for me. Get to do what I love longer and someone else makes dinner!

November 4 – Common Sense Day. Author’s day followed by Men Make Dinner day is only common sense after all, so having the next day celebrate that is perfect. We all win!

Thought this might raise a chuckle.

Hope your week is filled with laughter.

About Linda O'Toole

Women's Fiction Author
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