Crazy busy, but Exciting last few days.

Over the past five days my life has been amazingly exciting.

On Thursday, I received an email from a friend telling me my Christmas book was being promoted through Amazon. I was so shocked. Today I am still thrilled and still in a little bit of shock. Grandfather Christmas is the name of the book and it is a story about Christmas traditions, following your dreams, and a Christmas miracle. This is book two, in my Time for Adventure Series.

Sunday was the annual Christmas Party for the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada of which I am a member. The food was awesome, the venue amazing, and it was wonderful to see all the members and have a great chat. We do a book exchange each year and there is always a lot of fun around it. There are chances for stealing from others and then losing the same gift when someone else steals yours. It always makes for a lot of fun and laughter. I came home with two wonderful books I can’t wait to read.

Yesterday, my daughter and I shopped for the Charity Christmas baskets we have been involved in for the last few years. We had a great time purchasing items for the kids on the list. It sure brings the spirit of Christmas into your life. Along with other volunteers from the group that oversees the distribution, we will pack the rest of the items for the families later in the month. The baskets will include ingredients for a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings, toys, and other essential items.

My calendar for the next few weeks include a fair amount of social engagements. This time of year is very busy, but I enjoy getting together with people I don’t normally see on a regular basis. There are also lots of things going on for children in our community, and my grandkids want to attend them. One such engagement I’m looking forward to is breakfast with Santa this coming Saturday morning.

Today it is back to the writing cave for me. My next book, a Valentine theme, is due to the editor at the end of next week. My first try at this story, I took it in all the wrong directions, so now I’m in rewrite mode. It was a great learning experience for me and I have to say I like this attempt much better. Taking the break over the weekend and doing things for others has given me a new lease on life this morning. I’ve already wrote a thousand words and the words want to continue to flow. I’m inspired by all the good feelings from the past five days.

Keep believing!

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