Filling my creative well

This time of year is extremely busy for everyone. I purposely set myself a deadline for my third book to be at the Editor by December 16 to keep me engaged with my writing. That is this Friday. I had extra time built in so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong.

I find myself being pulled in a lot of different directions. Shopping, crafting, baking, volunteering, visiting, social obligations, getting ready for the big get together at my house on Christmas Eve. Most of which I would have had loads of time to do after my deadline, but for some reason I have been swayed to do it now. It didn’t take much convincing to make me do the other things and I am not blaming other people, I could have said no or postponed most of it. I could have even got up a little earlier each day and got my word count in.

Truthfully though, I think I needed a bit of a break too. I’ve been really concentrating on the writing the last few months, and I found myself slowing down with the word count and trying to push the story too hard. That never works out well for the story, something I found out first-hand the end of last month!

Christmas time is my big crafting time too. I love to craft, and I’ve made all new wreaths for my house (8 in total), in this year’s decorating colors. I’ve also made a few gifts for friends and I’ve made a new mat for under my writing desk to keep my feet cozy and warm while I sit and write. Crafting fills up my creative well and makes the writing flow better when I return to it.

I still have lots of story to write and then self-edit before Friday. Not an impossibility, but now I am in the position I need to buckle down and do it. No more procrastinating. Easier said than done…

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