Spring early?

February 2nd was Ground Hog Day. Our three Canadian Ground hogs did not see their shadow and folklore has it we will have an early spring. Now, if Sam had been out in my backyard the story would have been completely different. I watched the live broadcast and the sky was grey when he came out of his house, but my deck was in full sunshine, not a cloud to be seen.

All in all, we haven’t had a bad winter so far. The snow has been minimal and the temperatures for the most part have not been bad. Here on the east coast, February is the month that sometimes brings the most snow and the coldest winter temperatures. Over the past two years we’ve had lots of snow the first week of February and it didn’t let up all month, and the temperatures were absolutely frigid.

Last night we got some snow, then it changed to freezing rain, and right now it is trying to change to rain. Later today the temperature is supposed to be around the plus 7 degree celsius mark, before falling again over night to the minus digits. Tomorrow night into Friday we are expecting a nor’easter. That is lots of snow and wind – just a messy storm system.

The American Ground Hog, Phil, did see his shadow so his prediction is for 6 more weeks of winter.

Those that do not believe in the ground hog say there will be six more weeks of winter anyway because the first day of spring is not until March 21. Be that what it may, I will not be upset if we get spring like weather early. After the snow and rain of the last two years, we are due for an early pleasant spring.

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