Pet Day

Today is Pet Day.

I can’t remember a day in my life that I didn’t have a pet. Mostly dogs and cats but I have also had a rabbit, a rat, and lots of fish.

Each has held a part of my heart. The dogs that graced my life over the years were my best friends and confidants. My partners in adventures. As an only child, they filled the role of siblings. Someone to go for a walk with, someone to take to the lake swimming and then put in the basket of your two-wheel bike and drive home. Someone to get me out of the house and get me active. But the best part about all of them was the unconditional love. Ceileigh is really good at the unconditional love part.

I also have a Maine Coon cat that I’ve mentioned many times on this blog. He is the one that sets my mornings to rights. We have a morning tradition, that on the rare occasions when we don’t participate in it, are both a little off all day. I will sit at the kitchen table to drink my first coffee and scan through my social media, he will jump up and cuddle in. His constant purring while sitting on my lap sooths my soul and puts a smile on my face. What better way to start the day?

Not one to miss out on the action Ceileigh, my toy poodle, will come over and request to be patted at the same time. Both Coed, and I will lower our “paws” and give Ceileigh what she needs, a little rub on the head.

Both animals follow me to my office in the morning. The cat will either lay on the desk behind the lap-top until I am done or lay on the bench by the window. Ceileigh has her own cushion beside my desk, and she will curl up in a ball and stay there for hours. Most days I leave the office before she does. Her dedication is beyond. If I choose to write on my chaise in the living room you can be assured they are both there with me, either on my lap or laying beside.

I don’t think I see a day when I won’t have at least one pet in my life. The entertainment, the friendship, and most importantly the love makes it all worthwhile.

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