Earth Day 2017

Friday April 21 is Earth Day. The theme this year for is “Earth Play for Earth Day”.

I won’t give you a “when I was a kid” story. I know, I used to roll my eyes when I heard that line come from an adult’s mouth, but…

I moved to the country a couple of years ago. We have a couple of acres of land, some of which is not cleared. My grandchildren love to play outside. Our land has lots of large boulders on it and my granddaughter has named one of them “castle rock”. It is a large flat piece of granite that sticks out of the ground and is bordered on one side by small trees. She and her brother gather up their toy trucks, dolls, shovels, buckets, and sometimes a container of water to mix with the earth to make mud, and take them out in the yard to play with. They will stay outside for hours, and if they are not at “castle rock”, they are in other parts of the yard extending their stories and their adventures. I love to hear their stories as bits and pieces float on the wind to where I sit on the deck.

My favorite place to work is my back deck. I wheel out my laptop desk to the screen gazebo that is there. I get settled in on the comfy love seat or chairs, and the words seem to flow better. The sun, the wind, and the amazing landscape help feed my imagination. It is glorious.

I miss this spot terribly in the winter when the temperatures are freezing and the snow is piling up. The spring finally arrived to my neck of the woods last weekend and we were able to get the gazebo back up. I couldn’t wait to get out there. I’ve spent every possible minute out there since, even if I have to put on my winter coat to do so.

Here’s to a great summer full of sunshine and warm temperature so we can all get out and play!

About Linda O'Toole

Women's Fiction Author
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