The end of May

The last full week of May is upon us. Where has the first 5 months of the year gone? I’ve been in a writing slump and have not managed to finish anything worthwhile to send to an editor, let alone publish. I’ve continued to slug away at stories, trying to keep my writing practice intact. My business plan is getting slashed but I am still hopefully I will have something ready to upload before the year is over. I’ve tried to figure out what is causing the lack of motivation but can’t quite pin it down, or more truthfully, I’m not willing to admit to the root cause! The lack of motivation has also spread to posting on this blog.

Here’s to better days ahead!

On another note, the end of May signals the end of Lobster Fishing season in my area. My husband went out on one of the boats yesterday to give the captain a hand. (He has his license to be on the boat, and has been on board previously.) The early morning weather was perfect. A little cool but the seas were flat calm. Noon hour saw the winds pick up and with them the waves. Not big swells, but big enough that after 8 hours in them one tends to find their body still swaying when they get home.

Because of a tiny little boat problem early in the day, they didn’t get in until after 8 pm. When he arrived home an hour later he had a couple of lobsters with him that needed to be cooked. It was too late to sit and eat it hot, dripping in butter, so we cooled the lobster and put them in the fridge. Today for lunch we had yummy lobster sandwiches and there was enough lobster left over to freeze a bag full for a lobster dip. The dip is one of my signature dishes to take to parties.

Our 3-year-old cat has never shown interest in lobster, our poodle however, usually drives us crazy begging for it. We couldn’t pry the dog off the coach with a piece this morning, she wasn’t interested. But the cat nearly drove my husband and I crazy wrapping himself around our legs while we were shelling them. His meows became louder and louder until he was practically screaming at us for a taste. My husband caved first and put a tiny piece on his food tray. Our dainty eater gobbled it up faster than I’ve ever witnessed him eat anything and came back asking, very loudly, for more. After another couple of pieces, he was finally satisfied and went off to our bed where snoozed off his treat. I wish I could join him…

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