More Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and Motivation are funny things. Sometimes we have all kinds and sometimes we seem to be running on empty. Sometimes both can come from unexpected things.

As I said in the blog last week, I was running on empty for the last few months but the workshop I attended the first of June inspired me to start writing regularly again.

This past weekend another writer friend and I did a writing retreat weekend (or was it a wine drinking weekend? – the jury is still out).

We removed ourselves from our everyday lives and booked into a wonderful resort on Nova Scotia’s South Shore a couple of hours from where we live. The resort is off the beaten path a way, down a road toward their own private golf course and beach front. The property is comprised of small cabins that are stand alone, double, or quad units and retreat buildings that house up to 8 rooms. Our room was in one of the retreat buildings where we found ourselves with only one neighbour at the other end of the building Friday night. The perfect setting for getting some words down.

Fridays weather was not great. We left home in a rain storm. The weather forecasters were calling for 50 millimeters of rain and high winds. We certainly saw the rain on the drive down and witnessed the winds strength as it buffeted the car. In spots, the highway was riddled with puddles that when you drove through the water sprayed up the wheel wells and onto the windshield. Not to mention when the transport trucks drove by us they near caused a tsunami.

How bad was the rain you ask? When large transport trucks are driving at 70 to 90 kms per hour on the major highways you know the roads are not the greatest.

On the up side, the waves on the ocean were amazing rising tall and rolling over, crashing against the large granite boulders sticking up from the ocean floor and against the rock-strewn beach. We sat in the lounge at the resort while we ate lunch and watched them crash. The storm whipping up the sea in conjunction with the full moon is a surfer’s dream and they were out in full force trying to ride the wild surf.

The ample parking in both the main lodge lot and near our building became somewhat limited when Saturday brought a wedding to the resort and all the guests and bridal party arrived filling the resort to the brim. The wedding was held outside in the afternoon and we watched as the bride made her way across the property toward the group gathered to share in her special day.

The people watching, the storm and frothy sea, and the setting gave me lots of ideas for plot twists and new stories. Who could ask for more? And oh yeah, Saturday’s weather was phenomenal – high temperatures and sunshine. We even got a bit of a tan while writing on the deck. I managed to write 1000 words each day. It was wonderful to be back in the zone.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning came too quickly. It was hard to believe we’d been there for two days already. The staff were really accommodating and didn’t mind us taking up space in their lounge for a few hours a couple of times a day.

Since neither of us had any pressing engagements that required we speed away from the blissful and inspiring time we were having, we checked out of our room after we had breakfast and sat in the lounge and continued writing well into the afternoon. The sun was shining and the temperatures were hot – the car thermometer said it was 28 degrees Celsius outside.

We took our time driving home, stopping for lunch and a little bit of retail therapy along the route, neither of us really wanting the weekend to end and have to face the reality of our lives. As much as I like to fantasize about living the life of being pampered and with nothing to do but write, eat, and sleep, I’m sure it would get boring after a while. A long while maybe, but…

Here’s hoping the last few weekends continue to inspire and the ideas and words keep flowing.

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