Release Dates

November 17, 2016

Yesterday I started the process to upload the my second novella, a Christmas story full of traditions, family, and following your dream. It is currently available on most retailers including Amazon and Kindle, iBooks, and Kobo. All retailers should have it available in the next day or two.


Back Cover Copy:

Life is short.  Those that are sitting on their death bed never regret doing things even if they failed.  They regret never taking the chance on the things their hearts desired.
Lydia loved her home growing up.  But like so many during her time, once she was married and had children her dreams were put on hold.  She felt she had to get a real job and support those who depended on her.
John lost his parents when he was young and knew what a struggle it could be growing up with the only the bare necessities.  When he married Lydia and the children came along he settled down and worked all the overtime and big projects he could to ensure his family lived a comfortable life.  He lived the respected safe life with his dreams put on hold until his retirement years.  After all 70 was the new 50, so he had lots of time to pursue his dreams in his retirement.

A turn of advents with Lydia’s aging parents and a Christmas spent with family, had them rethinking their current lifestyle.  Can they really afford not to follow their dreams now?

September 2, 2016

Well it took longer than I thought but yesterday my new novella was published. It can be found on most major distributors. Watch for it soon on Amazon and Createspace.

FOT Brown

Back Cover Copy:
Sometimes things are not what they seem.

Rick always believed in helping everyone. His dream was to do as much as he could to make the world a better place. When he heard about Cryogenics in his twenties he signed up. He knew there would be a time in the future when man would be able to be revived, and for him this would be another way he could continue to help.

Jenny loved and supported her husband in everything he did. She knew if he believed in something than it would certainly come to pass. On their wedding day they declared their love was “For All Time”. For years she believed that whole heartedly, but, sometimes life throws you a curve and brings doubt to your solid foundation.

Can a love from the past be rekindled in the future or is the future now?

May 2016:

Still hoping to have news soon…

January 2016:

News coming soon…

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  1. Deanne Ouest says:

    Congrats! Love the cover.


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